1. J

    Solo Fell Out of the Sky!

    I had about 20 flights on my Solo, and I love it. I had the GoPro 4 Black and the Gimbal. Beautiful and smooth video! I had tested several times the Solo getting out of range, and it auto-returned perfectly every time. The other day I was testing my new Alfa antenna, and doing a distance...
  2. Pedals2Paddles

    Automated log download script for Solo

    Want a much easier way to download log files from your Solo and controller? I wrote this little batch file that utilizes WinSCP's console commands to automate it. The file is called Solo_Log_Sync.bat. I put it in a zip file on the github site. (SoloScripts/Solo_Log_Sync.zip at master ·...
  3. spartaHawk

    Does the Solo app pull the last 3 Flight logs, or power cycle logs?

    Sent in a support ticket from an odd takeoff crash (Solo immediately flew sideways) but I did it after powering on Solo again (in my home) a couple times and getting DataFlash logs with Mission Planner. Since it pulls 3 logs, did the Solo app likely only get my crash flight log and the logs for...
  4. spartaHawk

    Exactly what logs should I email to 3DR to see if a crash is warranty-worthy?

    Exactly what logs should I email to 3DR to see if a crash is warranty-worthy? I downloaded the DataFlash logs using Mission Planner from the crash flight and the two previous. Anything else? Should they be in any certain folder format? I was using Solex, so do I need to package them in a way...
  5. J

    Simple logger for solo flights?

    I was looking for a simple (preferably android app) that I could use for logging my solo flights. I know I can get the logs from solo into MP, but I really just want to log the actual flight itself without having to download to a PC. Something that could get the logs and extract from the logs...
  6. G

    Strange Twitching- Need help with logs

    I'm hoping someone can look at my logs and see what might be going wrong. I got a parts box solo. It was completely disassembled. I repaired the broken connector and reassembled. I've taken it out 2 days now, and something isn't quite right. I've calibrated everything. At certain points...
  7. SurfnSkate81

    Solo CLI for downloading logs

    Hi Guys, Would someone please be able to explain how you go about installing CLI to download logs. More of an explanation of 'CLI for Idiots'. I've read the 3DR CLI development page. Still don't get what I need to make this happen. All I want is to download logs, no other funny business, just...
  8. G

    Solo Logs Gimbal Tilt?

    Is the gimbal tilt value recorded in the logs? If so what is the best way to get this information?