live feed

  1. B

    Go Pro video feed quality.

    Hi guys, Just got myself a Solo 3DR. Flies great. I do not have the GoPro gimbal. I’ve wanted to know if their is something I’m missing or what, but my problem is, when I save the video feed of the app, it is not great quality during play back. If I hit record in the GoPro, I lose the live...
  2. William Zendejas

    GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition Live Feed

    So I got myself a GoPro Hero 3+ Black i hooked it up to my gimbel and i get crapy feed like this. the screen is all green and not clear. does anyone have any idea how to fix this. or why is this caused?
  3. A

    Live video feed cuts on takeoff

    Hi all. I have a new Solo with gimbal. My camera is a Hero 4 Black. When I first flew the Solo last week I had no problem with the video feed but I could not control the camera remotely, and the camera had locked up when I went to disconnect it. A firmware update of the GoPro fixed that...
  4. D

    Solo drone's camera IP

    What's the IP of Solo drone camera. I need for livestreaming (IPcamera) with the drone. This is one the fixed camera url path example ''". I have tried with (controller) and Both are not working...
  5. C

    Recording video, but no live feed

    Browsing through the forum, I see lots of people with live feed problems, but I haven't found a discussion that clearly represents my problem. First flight of my (Christmas present) Solo this morning, with the 3-axis gimbal, GoPro Hero 4 black. Everything fully powered, all firmware/apps up to...