1. Soul Patch Films

    Relesh3d foldable leg extenders

    Relesh3d foldable leg extenders. Set of 4, 2 green, 2 red. Brand new. $20, shipped to US, PayPal only. Sold
  2. N

    Leg present in 4K video

    So I tried out 4K for the first time on the Solo, and noticed that it is showing the leg to the left of the video (will never go away). Has anyone else got this their Solo leg in the shot while shooting 4K Wide. If so any ideas to minimize this issue, or get rid of it completely? I was...
  3. jeeboont

    Foldable Leg Extensions for Solo

    Relish3D just released a unique product called the Solo Extenders that incorporates a foldable design for easy storage. Below is when it is extended. It adds on an additional 30mm of clearance to the Gimbal. Below is when it is folded. It only adds in 10mm to the overall height. This makes...
  4. jeeboont

    Foldable Leg Extensions for Solo

    Relish3D has just released the Solo Extenders that allows you to increase the gimbal clearance by another 30mm while offering a unique foldable design for easy storage with any existing Solo cases or bags. It is now available for worldwide shipping and comes in a combination of colors...