leg extenders

  1. T

    ISO Foldable Leg Extensions

    Looking for good foldable leg extension like the ones from Relish3D. (Or even those exact ones). I don't know if they are making them anymore but could use a good set.
  2. W

    3DR Solo Many Accessories For Sale - Like-New

    Hello, I have many 3DR Solo accessories for sale. I purchased insurance for my Solo upon purchase from Amazon.com in May 2017. I was having FPV live video feed issues with Solo so I sent it in for repairs. The decision was to refund the purchase price of the drone. I had purchased many...
  3. jeeboont

    New Leg Extensions... Solo Extender V2 (Injection Molded)

    #‎SoloExtendersV2‬ We have been working since late January on the next update to our popular Solo Extenders and I'm now glad to announce that we have finally released our Version 2 of the same product earlier this week. Having completed two stages of prototyping, we have just finished...
  4. John Oster

    Not Relishing the New Leg Extenders

    I recently received a package of four leg extenders from Relish. I broke one trying to push it onto one of the legs. The green part snapped right at the knuckle. The guys at Relish are sending me two replacements, but I still felt a modification was necessary. I looked closer at the design...