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    Bestbuy laptop for $139.00

    Picked one up yesterday. Works great and will make a perfect Solo ground station.
  2. A

    Streaming to laptop live video?

    hi guys I'm 14 and I'm wondering - is it possible to stream live video to a laptop, while still having live video on the phone?
  3. I

    Recommendation for Backpack

    I'll be doing a lot of travelling across the country this summer for work and want to bring the Solo. The problem is that I am flying cheaply and switching airlines at the airports (no checked bags), so I want to pack as much together as possible in two bags. One bag I'd like to have the Solo...
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    Can I controlled Solo drone by the Computer?

    Hi, I am looking for someone who already made the connection between Solo Drone and Computer, I do not know how to communicate the only thing that I know is that I can use Mission Planner. Please help me. Thanks.