landing pad

  1. tickingheart


    Looking for accessories to complete drone (Such as Backpack, extra batteries etc...) Open to buying slightly used parts. Current shipping is 26260 :)
  2. A

    Solo hardware

    So I don't know what others have experienced with gimbals/feet in shots but I've had a horrible time with legs ruining shots and other bad stuff happening. Anywho, I have some experience building stuff but I thought I'd get some input here before I finalize a design. Once I choose an option...
  3. CirrusPilot

    'Super-Duper' Drone Landing Pads *Now* Available

    Greetings all. Here's the link to the 'Carbon Red' Landing Pad. Here's the link to the 'Navy Camo' Landing Pad. Full description at bottom.. Thanx all. $59.99 delivered The G-Floor Drone Landing Pad $59 delivered. 28 x 28 inches - Will fit into large suit case for traveling Semi...
  4. CirrusPilot

    Drone Landing Pad

    So, after 6 months of work I've come up with a great solution for a Take-Off/Landing pad for our drones.. It's made from a material called G-Floor. We use the G-Floor material in the graphics industry for advertising, such as trade show booth floors, etc. The material/landing pad can be rolled...
  5. CirrusPilot

    SOLO Drone Landing Pads - FOR SALE

    Sorry it's take so long. Much more trial and error to getting the size correct, the handle, color, etc... But I really wanted to manufacture a truly professional style landing pad that wasn't crap. I offer the following.. Available Here