SOLO Drone Landing Pads - FOR SALE

Quick and kind of funny Solo clip landing on our new 'Landing Pad'. Enjoy!
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Love the sound FX! Either that clip was played in reverse or somebody can really land that bad boy!
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So, I'll actually be adding to our print cue this week, here at Cascade Graphics, the semi-rigid (can be rolled up for travel) 'Drone Landing Pad. I'll be selling on our eBay store. There will be two different art patterns to choose from.
$49 delivered, upon request of PayPal Invoice or on eBay for $59.99. Lower 48 Only.

NavyCamo_LandingPad_Web.jpg CarbonRed_LandingPad_Web.jpg
Greetings all.

Here's the link to the 'Carbon Red' Landing Pad.
Here's the link to the 'Navy Camo' Landing Pad.

Full description at bottom.. Thanx all.
Blue_Landing_Pad_040816_02.jpg Red_Landing_Pad_040816_01.jpg Blue_Landing_Pad_040816_04.jpg Red_Landing_Pad_040816_03.jpg
The G-Floor Drone Landing Pad
  • 28 x 28 inches - Will fit into large suit case for traveling
  • Semi rigid and super durable - Not to hard, not to soft
  • Made from G-Floor material (web search)
  • Anti skid texture
  • Custom UV Printed graphics on the underside
  • Keep dirt, sand & debris from attacking the the rotor
  • Reduces dirt from entering into chassis
  • Keeps your camera out/off of the dirt, sand or wet grass
  • Rolls up rigid for easy storage & transport
  • Shipping tube can be used for storage and easy travel
  • Designed for 3DR SOLO & DJI Phantom sized Drones & Quad-copters

Please do not confuse our G-Floor landing pad with other 'banner material' style landing pads listed on eBay.. Our G-Floor landing pad weights approximately 2.25 lbs. It is much stronger and is a much more stable platform..

Made and Printed in Bend, Oregon USA

As always, the price includes FREE - US Mail delivery service.
I guess this place is no longer producing landing pads or controller skins? Does anyone have a suggestion on who does? Thanks!
To bad you don't ship outside the US, can even see your products on ebay, just a empty store :/

Regards from Norway :)
To bad you don't ship outside the US, can even see your products on ebay, just a empty store :/

Regards from Norway :)
Sorry for that. Have you considered setting up a virtual United States mailbox, all your mail is then forwarded to you.

It is otherwise too expensive & too high of a risk to sell abroad. VAT taxes, export/import fees etc. A virtual mailbox is definitely the way to go.

I hope that helps, thank you for your interest I really appreciate it.


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