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  1. Daniel Lang

    My iPhone 6 Plus will not detect the solo controller

    I'm firing up my Solo and controller for the very first time. I have the latest version of software installed. But when I turn on the controller, Solo is not detected in my phone's Bluetooth settings. It simply will not detect the controller. What am I doing wrong?
  2. B

    loss of live streaming gp silver hero 4 with gimbal

    I have had one successful flight with video streaming to my iPhone 6+ Since then I have had no live video feed to my phone. I have been trying to fix the problem for the past 2 days with no luck - different orders of start up, deleting and re-downloading the app, updated all the software...
  3. baldguy

    Flight Replay

    I went flying with a friend of mine who has a P3. I was proud of most every attribute of my Solo (flying manually in the Solo App) until he opened an app on his iPhone and was able to show a Google Map sat view with an overlay of the flight path he just flew on his P3. It played in real-time or...