1. divsrfsh

    Ready for takeoff in San Diego

    Hi everyone, I've been trolling this group for a while now and want to thank all of you for sharing your knowledge and experience. I have about sixty flights on a stock solo with only one crash. I use alpha antennas and just added a mRo gps with great satisfaction. I am installing a green cube...
  2. P

    From North Carolina

    Hey there from North Carolina. I have built three APM/Pixhawk quads and had been following the 3dr Solo and finally decided to grab one. Looking forward to the future development. Oh and I just passed the Part 107 today.
  3. Viperx

    Hello to a Fantastic Solo resource !!!

    Your forum is bursting with knowledgeable people and informational guides. Has been very pleasant to follow this past three weeks and has provided much intel for getting off the ground so to speak. Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to join a positive and energized forum. Kudos to those...
  4. Gazzainnorway

    New to Solo and itching to fly!

    Hi All. Im from Norway and recently had to good fortune of receiving a Solo with Gimbal, as a gift! Super stoked as ive been flying RC for years and start with FPV back in the day....then had kids....... Now im the proud owner of a Solo and im just waiting for the rain to let up so i can go...
  5. BeardBeardington

    Professional in Film and Television Industry & Early adopter of The Solo. Finally a 3DR Pilot Member

    I cannot convey my appreciation for you guys on here. I've been lurking from the outside only dropping by to gather Intel on issues that I have experienced and decide based on stats collected if we (in large budget studio backed film production) should move move away from The Solo as a cinematic...
  6. P

    New Solo pilot - Philadelphia

    Just introducing myself... got my Solo package over the 4th of July sale and looking to see if any other Philadelphia area pilots. Looking for more experience because I love this thing! I have a couple of hours flight time, and already my first crash (somehow everything works!)... before winter...
  7. B

    G'Day from The Land Down Under - Sydney, Australia

    I just had my 3DR Solo with Gimbal in July 2016. I'd been choosing between 3DR Solo and DJI Phantom 3, for a while. I haven't played with my Solo yet, still working out why my GoPro Hero 3 and 3+, Camera Mode is not working. I'll be spending some time to check the forum.
  8. FL_Kim

    Greetings from the Space Coast of FL...

    Hello everyone, My name is Kim and I shoot both photo and video as part of our production company. We acquired our first drone, the original DJI Phantom in May 2013, when my teenage daughter won grand prize (Adobe CS) for her first video contest. She sold the software and bought the Phantom so...