gps upgrade

  1. IrishmanPDX

    GPS Upgrade, Newbie point of view

    As the newbie to the drone world and new owner of a 3DR solo in Portland OR (see, did the newbie introduction at the same time, that's multi-tasking that is!) and I thought I’d give my feedback on upgrading the GPS (just in case it helps with anyone’s decisions). Got my solo from B&H and was...
  2. Aussie in AZ

    Done to death GPS mod :-)

    Ok, I have 3 Solos............ "My name's Aussie and I'm a Soloholic.....I have a problem, don't judge me". 2 of which have Rev A boards (green, please correct me if I am wrong) and one has a Rev B (black board) I am wondering, for testing purposes, should I put an mRobotics M8N in one, mRo...
  3. C

    anyway to boost GPS?

    possibly stupid idea... If I used a GLONASS/GPS booster for the iPad connected to solo, would it help the SOLO GPS in anyway or does that work standalone? Garmin GLO GPS for iOS & Android
  4. Q

    Open inquiry for this novice pilot please!!

    Hey guys, I've had my solo for about 6 months now and have been super nervous flying in some situations that may be totally unreasonable... Now this hesitation stems from low flight time and two crashes (low level impacts). I am hoping to get some good feedback from some of you who may have...
  5. CirrusPilot

    GPS Fix - Modification 'Drone Boost'

    To resolve potential loss of GPS Signal, I have very precisely machined a piece of card stock that you should install between the GPS Copper Shield and the GPS Board. It will prevent stray voltage from traveling from the on board lithium battery to the GPS main chip and other parts of the board...