gps fix

  1. T

    Can't pair and unknown beep sounds

    Hi, My Solo crashed by child and something wrong with that. Check these pics and videos 3dr Solo repair - Google Drive I tried factory reset many times and every time it seems to reset correctly. But once controller reboots, solo and controller is not paired. (Pics) Also beep sounds here...
  2. Q

    Open inquiry for this novice pilot please!!

    Hey guys, I've had my solo for about 6 months now and have been super nervous flying in some situations that may be totally unreasonable... Now this hesitation stems from low flight time and two crashes (low level impacts). I am hoping to get some good feedback from some of you who may have...
  3. mgrennan

    GPS Time to first fix

    What GPS is used in the Solo? u-blox? Some GPS receivers provide for "Assisted GPS". This allows Sat ephemeris data to be loaded rather then received. Meaning, you can load the Sat table off the internet rather then receive it giving almost instant Time-To-First-Fix. Google Groups Code has...
  4. CirrusPilot

    Advanced Gimbal Install with Anti-Vibration Mods

    NEW Video - Version 2 Much more zoomed in and several close up still shots, much more detail.. Sorry for the previous version of this video . Advanced Gimbal install with Anti-Vibration mods and a GPS fix. - Ver 2.0
  5. CirrusPilot

    GPS Fix - Modification 'Drone Boost'

    To resolve potential loss of GPS Signal, I have very precisely machined a piece of card stock that you should install between the GPS Copper Shield and the GPS Board. It will prevent stray voltage from traveling from the on board lithium battery to the GPS main chip and other parts of the board...