gopro hero 4 black

  1. Han Solo

    Great Solo Bundle - price lowered!

    Don't miss out on this complete bundle up for sale! Bundle includes Solo with 3-axis gimbal, m8n GPS unit, 6 batteries (2 used twice!), PolarPro prop guards, FPVLR 2.4ghz long-range antenna, GoPro Hero4 Black with Peau Productions lens replacement - 4.35mm f/2.8 72d HFOV 10MP(No Distortion), 3...
  2. K

    Cannot control Hero4 Black in Apps with Gimbal Installed (Solo & Solex)

    Hey All! I recently just got my solo and i am having trouble controlling the GoPro in the app. I have the normal solo app but also have the Solex app. I am unable to start recording because the recording button and the settings button for the GoPro are grayed out. I also have Open Solo 4.0.0...
  3. keoniahlo

    WTB: GoPro Hero 4 Black with scratched or damaged lens

    Looking for a relatively cheap used Hero 4 Black cam to modify. No freeze-up issues or water damaged units, please...only damaged faceplate and/or scratched lens. Let me know what ya got. Thanks, Keoni
  4. O

    Good priced, high quality micro sd?

    Hey guys! In the market for a new micro as card and wondering what your favourites are for the go pro hero 4 black. I obviously want a class ten and a high bit rate but I find a lot have some of each. Was looking at this one that seems good for the price - Computers, Televisions...
  5. J

    GoPro Hero 4 Black Connection Issues

    In the last few flights (I am up to my 12th outing now of between 2 and 4 batteries) I have experienced issues with the GoPro connecting for live feed. The record button is greyed out and the screen is blank on the connected device. There there are also times when the button is greyed out but...
  6. B

    Max video resolution in Video+Photo mode - Hero 4

    Hi guys, can someone confirm that it is NOT possible to shoot 2.7K video in Video+Photo mode? If I could, I'd like to shoot 2.7K/60 video and max res still photos at 5s intervals. It seems I cannot do this as in Video+Photo mode it all seems limited to 1080/30 or 24. Am I missing something?
  7. T

    Dark bars in video?

    I'm seeing transparent but visible dark horizontal bars scrolling downward in footage when my GPH 4 Black is pointing in a certain direction relative to the sun. Is there a name for this phenomenon and is it common? I've read that a sunshade helps but then I've also read that using an ND filter...