gopro 5 black

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    Gopro 5 black

    W/o Gimbal- Can view on the app but can not figure out how to also record to the camera by manually pressing the record button.
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    GoPro Hero 5 Comparible

    Hello everyone, I have problems with my GoPro Hero 3+, with the HDMI port and can fixed in fact there's no solution, and looking for the hero 4 or 4+ here in Mexico, but I can looking for, do you know if hero 5 o 5+ is conpatible with 3DR?
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    Can Solo trigger Hero 5 black without gimbal?

    I'm new to the forum and new with Solo. Is any one know how to trigger a Hero 5 black without gimbal, directly from Solo? Try simplify mapping process by using Hero 5 with build in Geotag. I been using time elapse but could be more efficient if I can have Solo mission trigger the camera instead.