gopro 3+ silver

  1. S

    Sidepilot won't start GoPro Filming

    Hi All - I have a 3DR Solo that someone gave me - basically brand new. I got Open Solo 4.0 installed on the drone and the controller, and it flies great! I got my hands on two GoPro Hero 3+ Silver cameras and updated the firmware on both. The drone/camera streams video to Sidepilot - it drops...
  2. S

    Gopro hero 3+ silver compatible with Tower?

    Hello all, When using the Tower app on a tablet, there is an option for a variety of gopro cameras, such as the hero 3+ silver. I know the gimbal only allows full camera control with a 4 black, but I'm not sure about other apps. Does anyone know if the Tower app can trigger this specific...
  3. Raptor

    How do I use GoPro 3+ Silver?

    Bought GoPro 3+ silver not knowing it had to be a black edition. Can I still use the silver or will it not work at all? Thank you in advance. Signed: a very dumb kid who doesn't know what he is doing!