1. june03dr

    Help! With gimble

    If anyone can help or had this issue with the solo gimble please chime in. When i tilt my gimble down or up to the 40° mark it will make a weird noise and when i feel on the gimble its vibrating not sure whats causing it.
  2. M

    Getting new GoPro first one ever to use with gimble

    quick question everyone :) Does the hero 4 silver work fully with the gimble and all controls I hear about it from other users being able to do? And last but not least will I have to detach the gimble every time I want to put it back in the carrying case it came with? Just wondering if there...
  3. tk2488

    gimble slanted slightly

    This just happened, my gimble is slanted slightly. I have taken the gimble off, reinstalled, removed the weights and put them back again making sure I had the right ones. Using a gopro3+, I have also swapped out the gopro and still shoots crooked. any ideas?
  4. Mattdaddy71

    Greetings from Central Florida

    Greetings everyone, can't wait to meet you. Check out my website for some of my works: Home - Matthew Wagner I have a few questions I'm hoping to find answers to within this forum. First and foremost, I've just never had any luck getting my GoPro 4 Black to work with the 3DR Solo. The Solo is...
  5. B

    Gimbal strength.

    Hey all, So I finally purchased a gimble! One step at a time. Anyway, I'm curious as it's inevitable that a crash will likely happen, those of you who've been through this already with their 3dr; how resilient is it to wrecks? While I'm sure this depends on how hard it crashes, how...