gimbal issue

  1. C

    Gimbal Stuck Blinking Orange/Yellow

    I came across an odd problem today. I flew my Solo yesterday, worked fine, but when I went to fly it today, the gimbal had a flashing orange/yellow light and was limp. Hoping someone knows a fix, or where to buy a new one cheap. I bought my gimbal new for $50, and I only see new ones for...
  2. L

    gimbal and GP4B issue after GreenCube update

    Hi all, After GC upgrade, my gimbal doesn't work well, it does crazy and the gimbal's LED is red, I have video feed but no gopro control, gimbal is fully roll. So I land, power cycle Solo and it's OK. I've also open the Solo and the gimbal and check all the connections, all seem OK. Another...
  3. Justfredioregon

    Gimbal Dance & Tango!

    (If this post is in the wrong thread, please place my post where it belongs... Ty Admins..) Hey guys, It's me again with a new gimbal problem, that may not be so new to some of you guys out there. Well, here goes. I've just recently started having this (new to me) gimbal problem, it...
  4. S

    Gimbal blinking green but freaking out/unresponsive

    Really hoping someone can help me out here... Just got the stock gimbal in the mail for my refurb Solo, trying to fly with a gopro4 black I took extra precaution packing the wires, level and compass calibrated, and all systems are up to date (5.0 on gopro) when I turn on the drone the gimbal...
  5. R

    Solo app 2.4 Beta. Should I try it?

    I'm not quite new to quads but I am new to Solo. Brief history. I ordered a new Solo and 3 axis gimbal last week. When they arrived, I carefully installed the gimbal. When I started everything up, the gimbal just kept sort of bouncing vertically, like it was trying to get straight but couldn't...
  6. Dunnonsite

    Solo video feed vibrations or wobbling

    If anyone can help me figure out why at times the video is vibration or a wobble look to it. At times when I can fly out of the this. Is the motors going out ? I have balanced my blades and made sure no cables in the drone is touching the gimbal motor. I have uploaded a video to show my issues.