gimbal fix

  1. Pranik

    Gimble not working

    My 3dr solo drone gimbal is not working .It doesnt give any response and the video captured by gopro hero 4 is also not shown in mobile phone though the devices are connected to each other...
  2. K

    Gimbal Issues

    Hi everyone, i had a crash few days ago. When i turn on the solo it dont recognize the gimbal (Do not stabilize), i have video feed and camera charging so the gimbal is getting energize but i cant move the cam doing some tilt down or tilt up. Any solution?
  3. 3/27 Wolfhound

    HDMI repair on gimbal?

    Has anyone found a source to repair a separated HDMI cable port on th gimbal board?
  4. Justfredioregon

    Gimbal Dance & Tango!

    (If this post is in the wrong thread, please place my post where it belongs... Ty Admins..) Hey guys, It's me again with a new gimbal problem, that may not be so new to some of you guys out there. Well, here goes. I've just recently started having this (new to me) gimbal problem, it...
  5. Xavier Arthur

    3DR Solo Tutorial/ Learning Style Videos

    This space is dedicated for anyone who wishes to share & watch Solo videos that teach people more about the Solo 3DR Drone :) About Xavier: I am a Instructor/ Teacher by profession. I love my family & Flying Drones. So I make Drone & Tech videos, vlog style with my family. 3DR Solo is one of...
  6. F

    Gimbal floppy solution that works so far.

    Mostly my gimbal behaves as expected. on occasion it does the floppy. my observations are that this appears to be due to the gimbal touching the ground or long grass as the power is turned on, this may confuse the calibration of the gimbal. powering off and re locating the drone so the gimbal...
  7. CirrusPilot

    Advanced Gimbal Install with Anti-Vibration Mods

    NEW Video - Version 2 Much more zoomed in and several close up still shots, much more detail.. Sorry for the previous version of this video . Advanced Gimbal install with Anti-Vibration mods and a GPS fix. - Ver 2.0
  8. FlexFanatic

    No More Drunk Gimbal

    Like some people I was having an issue with the gimbal going limp or drunk during flights so I contacted support and what they suggested as help greatly. Please, follow the next steps: Power cycle the Solo and the controller Install the gimbal Mount the camera on the gimbal Connect to the...