1. S

    Single Line Survey?

    I need a little help. I am planning a street survey mission for a city street department. It is 1.6 miles of city street I want to capture. I have a 3dr solo and I just really need to fly the center of the road and take pictures so I get 60 to 70% picture overlap. I've used the survey feature...
  2. M

    PeauPro60 not taking all the photos

    Hello everybody! I am quite new to this forum so excuse me if I am replicating another thread. I am using my Solo, along with its gimbal and a PeauPro60 to take photos each 0,5 seconds (or less, I use the distance trigger command from MP). The camera is configured in single photo mode, and...
  3. SteveReno

    How to Geotag Images with the 3DRobotics Solo

    Found this a while ago. There may be a better way to GeoTag your Photos, Since updates to Tower, MP, Solo & Controller? How to Geotag Images with the 3DRobotics Solo | Stefan On Software Stefan On Software The new 3DR Solo drone, combined with a GoPro is an amazing platform for mapping...