1. alphareese


    HI! i went to do a factory reset on my drone, when the battery died almost to the end of the process. now, all it will do is show solid green LEDs. i've tried to do the process again, and no just sits and stays green. i've tried to re-pair it to the controller, and that done...
  2. M

    gopro freezing... the solution for me

    I've traveled down most if not all of the fixes that don't involve replacing hardware. For me the successful repair was to replace the image sensor. The last no h/w attempt was cleaning the original image sensor connector and the camera connector with electronics cleaner. I didn't want to use...
  3. H

    Flying in Freezing temps

    I just got my Solo this past summer. I have not flown in temps below freezing. I'd like to fly today and the temp is not supposed to be above 33°. Has anyone had bad experiences in cold temps? Or am I good to go? Thanks for any input