1. F

    Free Solo for Parts-Buyer Ships from 22153

    This is for real-time to get rid of the equipment. PLEASE READ:BUYER SHIPS FROM ZIP 22153. Assume a 30lb box 10x18x18". Aircraft was crashed. Cracked body shell, one burned motor pod. Chargers, spare props, controller, 2 batteries included. It all goes as a set. This is free equipment given...
  2. Burkeam

    3DR Solo give away -nothing to buy

    Brian Farm has another give away contest. This time it's a 3DR Solo. You can enter from this link to I like their gear too. 3DR Solo Drone Giveaway - Brain Farm Burke
  3. Maddog

    Where do you get your music?

    I've been trying to find free or cheap royalty-free music but it's tough to find anything decent. Royalty-free music isn't hard to find but it sure can get expensive. $20/ minute isn't uncommon. Does anybody have a good source or artist to check out?