1. Tbrereton

    SidePilot iOS GCS for Solo, PX4 and APM

    Hi guys! SidePilot version 1.20 has just been released with some great new features, including Solo video! Solo video support - Including GoPro shutter/mode control! Follow Me - Follows your iOS Device Pre-Flight checklist current weather (wind & temp) - Gives you the most current weather...
  2. J

    Leash mode

    Fairly new to solo.... how do I adjust leash mode in follow me mode. Im Using note 3
  3. Y

    Follow me on an 5 inch android device limited to look at me

    Hi, After couple of trials with my 3DR, I still did not manage to have the follow me mode on my android device correctly. I managed to have the look at me feature to work, meaning the GPS is working on my device, and it seems like the button or control over this feature is not working...
  4. franknitty69

    3DR Solo Follow Me Leash Mode

    Testing the new Leash mode in v2.3.0. I forgot i was using a stock lens and shooting in 2.7k Wide so the legs popped up a few times.