fly away

  1. Irishbug

    Are flyaways covered when....?

    Hi, I was just wondering whether or not a flyaway would be covered by 3dr if you were using Solex or the Tower app when the flyaway occurred. I'm thinking that they would only honor a flyaway if the person was using the Solo app only. Anybody have any knowledge on this? Thanks!
  2. I

    Solo customer Service

    I submitted a ticket and logs for my Solo back in March. All that I have been receiving is auto reply emails. All of my previous experience with 3dr customer service has been quick and helpful. Anyone have any ideas or experience recently with their "Support" team?
  3. A

    3DR Solo Lost GPS and lost controller comunication

    I'm a new solo flyer from Honduras. I bought my solo in the recent BB 299.00. I fly my 3dr solo for the last 10 days without any issues but today I took my longest flight cause I wanted to see how far away could I go with my solo. @ 900 mts all of the sudden lost gps came in the screen and lost...
  4. N

    Solo flew away and Crashed

    I was at Sugar House Park in Utah flying at about 200 ft high and I was doing an orbit shot. My solo lost control and it was returning home. Once the signal recovered, I tried getting back up to continue my orbit shot. Solo started flying on its own almost crashing into the power lines, but...
  5. C

    Solo crash, looking for help understanding tlog file

    Hi, I have been reading up on some other crashes some folks here have had and I think I have a similar story. I was landing yesterday and my solo didn't seem to understand it was down on the ground, I was landing on wood picnic table I took off from and I was standing about 10 feet from the...
  6. Pedals2Paddles

    Video of possible EKF fly away

    This video is from a user on the Facebook group. He was cruising around the neighborhood when it went bananas. It took off at high speed in descent. Narrowly missed one house, and crashed through the window of another house. I don't see any way this was pilot error. it is quite obviously...
  7. R

    Fly Away... Yes, 3dr replaced the whole thing!

    I was at my home bored at night. Hadn't flown in a while so I was flying at 70 meters about 350 ft away. Had 4 bars on my controller. Suddenly the controller said, "satellite connection lost", then, "fly manual". About 5 seconds later it took off going east like it was late for an appt. 5...