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    **RARE** Complete Flir Vue 640 Pro Solo Setup with fully integrated OEM Cameras 3-axis Gimbal

    Hi all, I appreciate that I'm not an active member of the community, yet enjoy reading through the various topics of the forum since I joined. Yet felt this was one of the key avenues to sell the following platform. I run a Drone inspection company from the UK, and have done for near on 3 years...
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    Flir vue pro r and hdmi adapter

    Iv got dramas connecting the flir vue pro r and hdmi adapter to my solo, running a external battery to power the core and using the solos cable to try get video, but all i have is a blank screen. Should i have to change a setting on the solo or the camera?
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    FLIR Vue Pro R with Solo, Backpack, and more -

    I'm posting this here before I post it on ebay... any other places you think should see this, let me know! It is a great addition for 3DR Solo users. 3DR Solo - paid $700 - going for $200 Flir Vue Pro R 19mm 30hz (have original box/cords)- paid $4,700 - going for $4200 Gimbal for Flir Vue Pro R...
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    Solo and FLIR Vue Pro R Gimbal

    Has anyone tried to convert the Hero standard gimbal to fit the FLIR Vue Pro R with its HDMI and Power adapter? I saw the one on OEM Camera, but at 1900.00 it is a little pricey for a volunteer fire department in the wilds of North Idaho. Helps to spot fires when you are in a tunnel of 150...
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    Solo Providing Telemetry Data to FLIR Vue Pro?.

    Hello Everyone, I have mounted a FLIR Vue Pro R thermal camera core to my 3DR Solo for obtaining still thermal-IR images. The Vue Pro has an Accessory Port cable that is pre-terminated to connect properly with the 3DR PixHawk TELEM 1 port (see attached illustration from Vue Pro user guide)...