flight time

  1. Perry Lawrence

    4.5 hour flight time.

    shown at inter drone and shipping to customers:
  2. F

    Is Total time recorded/tracked (i.e. like Hobbs meter function?)

    Does anyone know if Solo keeps track of total flight/power-on time as a cumulative number? Stored in a log somewhere? I'm not talking about single flight logs, I am talking about total time all flights to-date. On an aircraft or tractor you've got a Hobbs or runtime meter. Solo has a...
  3. Matt Norvalls

    Solo Max flight time?

    Hi guys, is there a max flight time if I have multiple batteries? Like if I were to fly multiple trips, will I ever have to worry about the motors overheating? or any other damage with prolonged flight? Thanks for your time!
  4. A

    Is 3DR Solo one of drones with the best flight time?

    Hey guys, I was wondering, what are drones with the best flight times.. I guess 3DR Solo, DJI Phantom 3, Yuneec q500+, Blade chroma, DJI Inspire are some of them. But are there any other, not that popular drones with good flight time? I found some nice list of quads with best fligh time...