faa registration

  1. EyeWingsuit

    AMA changes its position on FAA Registration

    AMA changes position on registration. - sUAS News The only goodnesses out of all this (IMO) -AMA members do not need to put a registration number on their UAV "AMA has secured a concession from the FAA that allows AMA members to continue using their AMA numbers as the primary identification on...
  2. Aerial-Pixel

    FAA UAS / UAV Registration Decals

    Now that we are all registering our drones with the FAA I'm now offering a sheet of vinyl decals with your registration number. Decals are sold in sets of 8, you will get (4) 3" wide, (2) 4" wide and (2) 5" wide decals. They are available in Mettalic Gold, Metallic Silver, Red, Black, White and...
  3. F

    FAA Registry List Will Be Public

    FAA finally admits names and home addresses in drone registry will be publicly available. Source: Forbes.com
  4. John Oster

    FAA faq on Registration, What You Need To Know

    The place to go to register your drone. Deadline February 19. Free registration through Jan. 20. Here's What You Need to Know About Registering Your New Drone Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Registration