esc calibration

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    4 and 1 esc connection to pixhawk

    Hi I am building my first quadcopter with a Pixhawk Px4 for an academic project. I want to use a 4 in 1 esc that is around 45A. Here is an example: 45A 4 in 1 ESC that I might use. When connecting the esc to the Pixhawk Px4, I was wondering if it is only necessary to connect the signal wires for...
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    Quad-C ESCs

    Hi Folks! I'm looking for some information with regards to some legacy hardware, the Quad-C from 3DR: I have these ESCs: 1. Does anyone have a user...
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    Fried My Pixhawk Mini; Please Help Me Not Do It Again

    I had taken the easy route on my first quad and had gone with a DJI Naza, but now I'm ready for something a bit more challenging. My Brother has persuaded me to convert over to Pixhawk. I went with the Pixhawk Mini because it will fit where the Naza was mounted. I fried it good during the...