1. Ed Beck

    Lifting a DSLR - What would it take?

    I've been flying the Solo and posting over on the Solo board for a while now. I hope this is an OK question (not too stupid). I'm a professional photographer. I got into drones because I have a pilot certificate and with a Section 333 I had a market advantage. The thing that's always ticked me...
  2. DSLRPros

    DSLR Pros - Question and Answer

    Hello Forum Members, We recently shared the blog post from our CEO sharing the story of the transition from old DSLR Pros to new DSLR Pros (click here to read). Please do give it a read and let us know what you think. The three responders will be DSLRPros_Mike, who is the CEO of DSLR Pros, as...
  3. DSLRPros

    DSLR Pros Back Under New Management!

    Hello 3DR Pilots Forum Members, My name is Anthony and I am a part of the team at DSLR Pros. We are a new team dedicated to great customer service and even better products and services. Some of you may have heard that the ownership of the company has completely changed. Our CEO, Mike Zaya...