1. Drone Analyst

    Take Survey and Enter to Win a DJI Spark

    I have put together an important survey that will help shed some light on what's happening in the drone industry. I’ve written about it in this blog post. It takes about 10 minutes to get through the survey, and all participants are given a free summary report and the chance to win a DJI Spark...
  2. R

    TSA and Lithium Ion Batteries?

    What is the current TSA position on bringing drones and batteries either onboard, or in checked luggage when flying? What is allowed? I'd like to know before packing my gear, or even whether or not I should bring it.
  3. IrishmanPDX

    Meet the family

    Hey, I swear, I don't have a problem........
  4. IrishmanPDX

    So what do you want for Christmas?

    Come on solo owners, that time of year is just around the corner, you know the one. The one where we'll say it's ok to indulge in copious amounts of food because hey, we'll all hit the gym and get in shape next year! So here's the main question, what do you want for Christmas? (Solo related...
  5. Drone Analyst

    Take Short Survey and Enter to Win a Free DJI Spark Drone

    We have put together an important survey that'll help shed some light on what's happening in the commercial drone industry. I’ve written about the survey over here. It takes about 7-8 minutes to get through, and all participants are given the chance to win a DJI Spark or one of two $100 gift...
  6. Martin Vendrame

    Solo Aftermarket Props!

    Hi y'all! FYI, I just tried the aftermarket Solo props from Master Airscrew! If you're looking for better props, I highly recommend those ones! They'll turn your solo into a race drone. I used acro mode with stock props and I found that doing flips and loops was challenging (needed lots of...
  7. K

    Night Mountain Biking with Drone for Light

    Smart tracking with your drone suggests a hands free operation. One mountain biker has decided to test this technology by taking his drone mountain biking in the dark. Would the drone be a good companion in this type of adventure? It helps to have a video documentary on this.
  8. K

    Skydiving With Drones.

    Casey Neistat is a Youtube sensation. Known for some pretty markable videos, he attached a line to drone, put a pair of skies and started being towed by the drone. You could consider it a holiday to remember. We’ve seen lawn chairs be attached to drones and flown. Even a hammock was attached...
  9. J

    Drone study

    Hi Everyone, I am drone pilot for more than 3 years, therefore I decided to run my Thesis on Drones, Drones are the future of humanity, for patrolling, shipping, lives savings, inspection, transportation and other applications, As part of my Thesis I decided to run a study regarding pilots...
  10. D

    A lot of questions need help please

    Hi, I've had my 3dr solo for about 3weeks now . and need help with some things. 1. I tried the orbit feature and set the points and hit go and it just went straight across and down in altitude and eventually ended up crashing into the ground . if anybody knows what I'm doing wrong ? 2. I'm after...
  11. Muav

    Hi Everyone

    Hi everyone, I am new bee for this forum. I am very happy to join this forum. I like very much to discuss drone . Thanks Muav.in