drone crash

  1. june03dr

    Drone collision with helicopter

    This is not good for the drone hobbyist. Collision with helicopter. content://media/external/file/29951
  2. J

    When Flying Solo Goes Wrong (almost) | Drone Crash

    During a video shoot, our 3DR Solo drone randomly decided to go into "Return Home Mode". You don't know exactly where your home location is when you're in the middle of the lake. After tracking it down, our boat stalled right before we were able to reach it. This is the result.
  3. A

    Lets talk about CRASHES (video posting etc)

    Crash my Solo today , was flying around of church when lost signal (am was 150 ft away ) , solo switched to Return Home mode and hit the tower . Aftermath gimbal destroyed , same as gopro 4 black , shell cracked (needs to be replaced ) propellers , LED covers missing . Here is the link