1. Fluxley

    How to repair accessory port ribbon cable?

    My accessory port stopped working. I suspected damage from recently accessing the hdmi port on the mainboard, so I opened her up and found broken pins (at least 1 and 2) on the AP ribbon cable. I want to attempt to repair the broken connections. Any suggestions on tackling this job? The pins are...
  2. R

    Help on gimbal

    I got a tarot 3D T-3DIV, alex mos 3 axis storM32 and a GPH5 session. Just trying to see if anyone can help me with instructions on how to get this working on 3DR solo. Thanks in advanced.
  3. U

    3DR tethered flight

    Hi all, first post. I'm running a uni project where I need to prototype using a tethered solo. I managed to get the drone to boot using a power supply, but it refused to fly, and the controller software seemed to become a little glitchy in the process. Any idea what sort of hardware setup i...
  4. P43YM

    Compact Solo Extremely slow worklog

    Greetings! And welcome! ;-) I already wrote a couple of times in different threads about my sluggish project of a compact solo and decided to start my own thread. I bought a year ago electronics and controller from solo on ebay and planned to make a clone of Mavic, but the lack of time and...
  5. J

    Gutting a solo

    Has anyone had any luck transplanting the guts of a solo to another drone of lesser technology ??? I have a Walkera Voyager 3 that I wish I hadn't bought but I did. I would like to remove existing NAV and operating system and transplant one of a solo. The voyager is a very powerful drone and the...
  6. Jubalr

    Solo Grande..A DIY Build from Solo..

    An update regarding the build of my 'Solo Grande'. Things are coming along nicely and now in to more flight tests! The good news is that Smart Shots are going to be able to be used, with the exception of auto tilt control. That is something that has yet to be publicly cracked, and there is a...
  7. Earpo44

    Homemade handheld Camera Gimbal

    Knowing now that everyone on this forum has at LEAST 6 spare gimbals packed away in their closet, is there a way to make a DIY handheld gimbal to use with the goPro? at $40 for the solo gimbal, I feel like a lot of bang for your buck could be had with the Karma Grip running at $299 I know that...
  8. FinniKris

    Tinker Time Treehouse - Neo-M8N GPS Upgrade and other DIY Solo Projects

    Hey gang! Me again... and I decided to make a video showing the basic installation of the mRobotics Neo-M8N GPS chip. I'm replacing my Rev A / Original GPS in the Solo. I have previously installed the V2 GPS Shield and you will see it here. Also: part way through this installation I realized...
  9. J

    Solo Gimbal - Handheld conversion

    What would be involved to take a Solo gimbal and make a hand held unit? It has a HDMI out as well as is 3 axis. What a great start. I have basic electronic knowledge. Wish list... Charge GoPro 4 Silver from power source Wired HDMI to onboard monitor Possibility to control pan and tilt. Wired...