1. P

    Almost Fly-Away Learned Something New

    So this is my first Solo and I had a great time flying in a field today. It was awesome and it kind of threw me off flying for twice as long as my DIY quads and y6. I was telling my wife about it and she said she wanted to see it fly. I new one of the batteries still had around 50% so I had just...
  2. Pedals2Paddles

    Recognizing, avoiding, and responding to botched landings

    This is somewhat common question and occurrence here. So I thought I would make a thread for people to reference on the topic. This describes how to recognize, avoid, and respond to botched landings. If anyone here flies full size aircraft, you'll recognize this is really no different than...
  3. B

    Disarm mid flight

    My solo has now disarmed itself 3 times mid-flight, while on auto mode. The first time I managed to save it by boosting the throttle (I suspect this happened because Solo was close), 2nd and 3rd time not so lucky... Battery connection, GPS, Compass cali, telemetry, all in order during these...