1. G

    Spare Parts Project

    So I've been flying Solo's for a little over a year and over the course of 5 units, and 3DR's ever so lovely customer service, I've acquired quite a bit of parts. These parts are perfectly working and in great condition. I rebuilt a Solo with the other parts from this scrapped drone and random...
  2. carpy

    Modified Pano Smart Shot - Sphere

    I modified the python code ( which controls the Pano Smart Shot Sphere for creating 360x180 degree panoramas. In a nutshell, I added more angles and more shots. This code change was inspired by @NickHobgood and his fantastic 360x180 panoramas. I'm too lazy to take the shots manually so I...
  3. D

    Connecting to Solo and the controller forever...

    What it took so long to connect from a pc to the Solo/controller. This is what happen when i type ''solo info" command in the terminal. Introduction | 3DR Solo Development Guide tutorial here is completely uselss. I dont know what to do once i ssh to or
  4. T

    Has any one installed java on solo/controller linux?

    Both java & openJDK are not included in any repositories used by smart package manager. Also some posts on Yocto/OpenEmbedded linux (the one used by solo) indicates that I have to rebuild the kernel. Is there a reason why its not included and how do I bypass it?
  5. Y

    How to connect to 3DR solo using only pc?

    Hi Finally bought the 3RD solo. I trying to write some software that will be able to get information (telemetry data) from the drone and sending flying commands to the drone. I reading the Solo development guid and i still can't understand some issues .. 1. Is it possible to do what...
  6. D

    How to live streaming to PC

    The information for live streaming to pc is limited in the internet. And the tutorial from this site Video Pipeline | 3DR Solo Development Guide does not has complete description at all. Does anyone here know how to enable live streaming function in PC. Probably provide a step by step putty...
  7. mgrennan

    GPS Time to first fix

    What GPS is used in the Solo? u-blox? Some GPS receivers provide for "Assisted GPS". This allows Sat ephemeris data to be loaded rather then received. Meaning, you can load the Sat table off the internet rather then receive it giving almost instant Time-To-First-Fix. Google Groups Code has...