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  1. I

    Solo customer Service

    I submitted a ticket and logs for my Solo back in March. All that I have been receiving is auto reply emails. All of my previous experience with 3dr customer service has been quick and helpful. Anyone have any ideas or experience recently with their "Support" team?
  2. Trader J

    Solo from Best Buy issues with the free gimbal?

    I just got a new Solo the other day and after installing the gimbal as to 3DR's exact specifications and doing the firmware update it first was making all kinda of noise. After checking the cables to make sure they were ok I tried restarting everything. The noise kept on and it developed a snake...
  3. TheEyeOfHorus

    GoPro Replacement

    I just recently got word back after mine was on a cable cam and decided to take a dive in the river without responding to controls, they are NOT going to replace my camera... anyone have where it states in the warranty? I'm seeing it all throughout google searches but I need it in the warranty...