1. E

    Reassembled Solo after a bad crash. Now it's not working properly

    Hi guys, I got in a pretty bad crash, which resulted in the main board dislodging from the chassis of the solo. It also knocked the HDMI port on the gimbal off, but I got that 'fixed' at work. I stripped Solo down all of the way to check everything and it all looked fine for the most part...
  2. Rex Barlow

    Darn it. My solo crashed thank to new firmware!

    darn it. Thank to new firmware and I lost video feed and no way to know where my solo go and hit the tree. Crashed hard. The gimbal damaged! I really upset. 3DR owes me new ones! And props too! MF. I notice every time new firmware degrade solo's functions which it's unacceptable! Maybe, i...