crash log

  1. N

    newer solo owner, just had it fall out of the sky. HELP

    Went in on two new solos around the holidays last season when best buy was having their deals. First drone I've ever had and I loved it up until it fell out of the sky back in march. There was snow on the ground and I flew for two packs and then went up for the third. Was 200-300 feet in air...
  2. Cynthia Farr


    My solo lost GPS signal when I pressed the RTH button and it was in my line of sight thank god I wasn't over water it went haywire flipped and crashed what is the best satellite or GPS to get in flight
  3. klamberton

    Solo Crashed Itself

    Hey 3DR pilots, This is my first post and unfortunately its not a great one. I was having some trouble with my gimbal, it was not responding to the camera control angle well. Every time I tried to manually adjust the camera angle it got stuck facing 45 degrees downward. After lots of searching...