1. JerryB


    Hi guys has anyone experience your 3dr solo move around a little bit when left hovering? Mine moves a little to much it doesn't stay hovering on place, I was wondering if there's a solution to It? Thanx guys!
  2. E

    Drop module or radio transmitter

    Hi I was wondering if anyone know of a module built for accessory bay where the controller can trigger a delivery/drop function, or initiate some other function other than camera. DJI fans have developed drone fishing platform, and I thought solo community did more add on prototypes. I am also...
  3. Tbrereton

    SidePilot - iOS GroundStation for 3DR Solo, Arducopter and PX4!

    Hi! Version 1.1 was just released of SidePilot, the iOS Groundstation app for 3DR Solo, Arducopter and PX4 (formerly called iMavlink). New features include: New Name! Easy PID Tuning using sliders Calibrate Radio trims Increased PX4 Support Set Flight Modes Arrow that points towards your...