cant connect to solo app

  1. T

    Can't connect to solo app

    this thing is useless, what the hell. Gopro app connects fine. But the people who made tha ***** thing can't make it work with its own app. I have paired 10 times. Reset password on router and ever else. What can I do with is thing. Anyone want it. Got gimble GoPro 4 black. Lots of props. $50...
  2. Brian Simmons

    Solo app won't connect to my android 6.0 devices

    Bought Solo used this weekend and have not been able to connect to the app through my HTC one M9 or my Nexus tablet 7.0 both running android build 6.0 The interesting thing is the chap I bought from had a tablet and performed test flight and he had no prob. I believe he had an iOS tablet...