camera issues

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    Major video distortion

    Hi, I've read on several threads that action cams with HDMI out work with the Solo, and since a GoPro is a bit spendy, I hoped to use one of these less expensive devices. I hooked the device up to my new Solo, powered up in the recommended order, and was presented with video like the screenshot...
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    no streaming video to iphone x after ios update

    Hi all, i was searching the forum for an answer but most of the posts were from last year. After updating to ios 11.2, i can no longer stream video from my gopro to the iphone x or ipad mini. Once i turn the cam on, it shows on the ios device but as soon as i hit record the screen goes black. I...
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    Hard Crash and Camera Issues

    Well, it finally happened - got distracted and flew the Solo into the ground. A couple of broken props and a bit of soft mud and it appears no worse for wear. I cleaned it up, installed new props and and flew later this afternoon. Here's the issue: I can't get the camera to work again...
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    G'Day from The Land Down Under - Sydney, Australia

    I just had my 3DR Solo with Gimbal in July 2016. I'd been choosing between 3DR Solo and DJI Phantom 3, for a while. I haven't played with my Solo yet, still working out why my GoPro Hero 3 and 3+, Camera Mode is not working. I'll be spending some time to check the forum.