camera control

  1. hblanken

    HDMI connection and processing of video stream

    Does anyone know whether a live HDMI video stream by another actioncam such as the latest Garmin, Sony, Nikon would be picked up by the 3dr onboard computer? Imagine I connect one of these actioncams (so I don't want to connect a GoPro) - these cameras all claim to have live HDMI video out - to...
  2. D

    Solo drone's camera IP

    What's the IP of Solo drone camera. I need for livestreaming (IPcamera) with the drone. This is one the fixed camera url path example ''". I have tried with (controller) and Both are not working...
  3. C

    Camera Contol

    Hi All, new to forum. I've got my Solo and the new gimbal and I've updated to the latest software 1.1.15 and my Solo is working great. I was out practicing some of the shots and I did something that changed my setting to wide angel and into picture mode instead of movie mode. Have no idea...