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  1. I

    3dr solo help please!

    Hello. Recently I'm interested in buying a drone. My budget is about $ 800, I saw the 3dr with gopro hero 4 black and gimbal and it looks awesome, the problem is that I living out of the usa, and it's very expensive in my country ($ 1000 - $ 1200 without gopro andgimbal ). But the good news is...
  2. C

    Backpack BB bundle - had to return :(

    Welp. I was so excited to fly today. It's beautiful and sunny out here in NC. Opened my $299 bundle last night to charge the controller and battery. This morning woke up and went to set it up. Downloaded the update and everything was fine until I got to the "calibrating sensors" screen and it go...
  3. TheEyeOfHorus

    GoPro Replacement

    I just recently got word back after mine was on a cable cam and decided to take a dive in the river without responding to controls, they are NOT going to replace my camera... anyone have where it states in the warranty? I'm seeing it all throughout google searches but I need it in the warranty...
  4. eclipseforever

    Selling my Solo anybody want it for cost.

    Love the Solo and what it does. But it's too bulky so I'm getting the Mavic. Wish I could keep both but too much money to keep both lol. Anyone want it before I return to Best Buy. I have 3 set of props $9 2 extra batteries $50 each the drone at 399. And the backpack for $60 let me know guys. I...
  5. eclipseforever

    3DR - Solo Battery - $49.99 today at best buy

    3DR - Solo Battery - $49.99 today at best buy for deal of the day and the solo pack for $379.99 3DR - Solo Smart Rechargeable Battery - Black
  6. eclipseforever


    Hey guys, im a new drone pilot. Im also a Best Buy Elite member as well. Ive had my eye on 3DR Solo for a year and one day it was $399. I purchased it and I love it. I get 30 day return and i have 3 days left to return. Im thinking of upgrading it to Karma for portability. I have a motorcycle...
  7. M

    Prop sets for Solo at 8$ now at Best Buy

    So Best Buy lowered the price on props again. Guess I will pick up more... 3DR - Propellers for 3DR Solo Drones (2-Pack) - Black
  8. LouGeese

    Gimbals have Arrived at Best Buy

    Just did a search and found every Best Best within 100 miles has Gimbals available for Store Pickup.
  9. Morenos Studios

    3D Robotics Claim Best Buy Will Receive Gimbals This Weekend!

    I called 3D Robotics today informing about when will Best Buy receive the 3DR Sight Gimbals and was informed that they should have them by the end of the week. I also enquired about when would preorders and new orders placed on the 3D Robotics site be shipped; they informed me gimbals are...