battery failure

  1. Ivan Riobla

    Battery down in 3, 2 , 1 ..... solo software problem ?

    So i took the solo for a flight the battery went down in seconds , later i put the battery to charge i took it out for another flight and from the normal 10 / 14 minute flight time down to only 2 minutes max. two days later i charge the battery again took the drone out and just went up about...
  2. R

    solo battery depletes really fast

    I have been reading a series of posts stating that their solo batteries run out of juice really fast. The same happened to me, but a little bit different let me explain: My solo batteries take the usual to get fully charged but one I start flying they last about 2 minutes to reach 25%. I...
  3. T

    Full battery, but app says it's -1%

    Has anyone else had the problem when they are take off the app says the battery is around 95% and with in a couple minutes they lady in the app says that the "battery is below 10% return home soon". The screen on the app says it is at -1% but when I land it and check, it's still about 80%. I...
  4. C

    Battery Troubles

    I searched and couldn't find anything on the exact issue I'm having. So here it goes, I bought my solo yesterday and have been loving it. Now today I go to fly it. Take off and maneuver around a bit. Down to about 70% battery. I let it hover for a minute, then all of a sudden the battery level...
  5. MRoD

    SOLO Battery draining rapidly

    A weird thing occurred today. I took off as always, everything started up as it should, I had a fully charged battery and took it up around 50ft and started fly to my destination around 20ft and I saw the battery go from 96% to 15% in 1minute. I have never had the battery drain so fast. Has...
  6. T

    Bad battery?

    I have a battery that goes from 98% to < 10% in under 4 minutes. It also recharges to 100% in a very short time. Has anyone else had this experience? Any remedies?