1. M

    OpenSolo and python and such

    Hey does anyone have a video or code examples of using Python with my newly acquired and upgrade 3DR SOLO with OpenSolo and ArduCopter. I basically for a first test just want to take it off the ground and say fly a square. thanks!
  2. 3

    Solo swarms - mission planner

    Hello, I have 2 Solos, I'm able to connect them to mission planner individually via UDP. But is there a way I can connect them both at the same time to do some basic swarm operation? I've looked around, I found the ROS option for swarming, but that's really not autonomous. Has anyone tried...
  3. Xavier Arthur

    3DR Solo Tutorial/ Learning Style Videos

    This space is dedicated for anyone who wishes to share & watch Solo videos that teach people more about the Solo 3DR Drone :) About Xavier: I am a Instructor/ Teacher by profession. I love my family & Flying Drones. So I make Drone & Tech videos, vlog style with my family. 3DR Solo is one of...
  4. SteveReno

    Robots That Could Kill on Their Own!

    This has been expected for sometime, but the reality is, now that it's here, is bit shocking! When we Hobbyist's dream of a autonomous UAV "Solo's hehe", Were thinking of a vehicle that can autonomously take video, avoid obstacles, knows about it's surrounding & adjust flight accordingly. All...