app disconnects

  1. Xavier Arthur

    3DR Solo Tutorial/ Learning Style Videos

    This space is dedicated for anyone who wishes to share & watch Solo videos that teach people more about the Solo 3DR Drone :) About Xavier: I am a Instructor/ Teacher by profession. I love my family & Flying Drones. So I make Drone & Tech videos, vlog style with my family. 3DR Solo is one of...
  2. Hawkeye88

    App Disconnecting when Pressing "Fly"

    I just bought a Lenovo Tab 2 A, 8", running Lollipop (Android 5.1). Loaded the 3DR Solo app and 3DR Services. I get the Solo on, controller on, and connect the app via Solo Link. Controller gives 'green' bar stating Solo app connected. When I hit the "Fly Solo" link on the app screen to fly...