1. M

    Best Place to Buy Gimbal?

    Where would you guys consider the best place to buy a gimbal? I'm looking for a replacement gimbal for my solo. B&H had them for $150 but they recently sold out. Amazon has them right now for $170. So far I haven't found much that's cheaper than that, so is that the best deal I'm gonna get or...
  2. AJdaBombsauce

    3DR solo batteries sold out on Amazon.

    Sorry folks, I may have just bought the last one. Hopped on Amazon after my skiing trip with the notion of buying an extra battery I've been thinking about, and saw that they were on sale for $35!! The kicker was there was only one left :( I would've bought 6 more if I checked this morning...
  3. Daniel Lang

    Kindle Fire Solo App

    I just bought a Kindle Fire that I intend to use for my Solo Drone. Kindle Fire runs Android, yet, when I try to download the Solo App for Android, I get an incompatible with your device message that also references an old Verizon tablet that was broken. Is the Solo for Android app only...