1. TheBasicPilot

    You're questions answered!

  2. Robert Rose

    FAA Overreach on Applicability of Part 107 Rules

    This one should get your blood boiling. If not, then I have not been clear enough. You thought that Part 107 only applied to commercial work/business activity, right? NO SAYS THE FAA. By now you are aware that there is a special rule for the Academy of Model Aeronautics, and other...
  3. EyeWingsuit

    AMA changes its position on FAA Registration

    AMA changes position on registration. - sUAS News The only goodnesses out of all this (IMO) -AMA members do not need to put a registration number on their UAV "AMA has secured a concession from the FAA that allows AMA members to continue using their AMA numbers as the primary identification on...