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    RedEdge on Solo

    First I'd like to mention that the MicaSense RedEdge appears to be a very nice camera and the Solo seems to be a decent platform for it; I'm looking forward to using it for mapping meadow vegetation in a couple of weeks. But I'm having a very difficult time connecting to the wifi. The RedEdge...
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    Agriculture use

    Does any know or have experience with using, and finding sources for sensors for the Solo to evaluate plant health in a commercial setting. I'm specifically looking for a way to outfit my solo to check plant health in commercial nurseries,
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    Recommendations on mapping equipment and software for future agriculture survey business.

    Hey y'all, just got my solo in the mail last week and I love it! With the new Part 107 rules coming into effect soon, there is a real opportunity to get a jump start in agriculture surveying in my area with UAV's. I've done some research here on google and here on the forums and I apologize if...