3dr solo for sale

  1. Curt

    For Sale: 3DR Solo, Controller, Gimbal, Backpack - $350+shipping

    I am selling my 3DR Solo and related kit. Would prefer to sell everything as a single bundle rather than parting out components. Asking $350 + shipping. Can only ship inside the US. Kit includes: 1 3DR Solo with Gimbal installed 1 3DR Solo Backpack 2 Batteries 1 Battery Charger 1 Controller 1...
  2. june03dr

    2 3DR solos and extras!

    ok guys So unfortunately I am having to sell all my 3dr solo stuff sigh due to personal reasons but stay tuned to the lot I have. Will post soon..
  3. B

    FS: 3DR Solo Backpack Bundle w/ 2 Batteries and Gimbal

    I have flown this drone a total of two times. It's in excellent condition, batteries have been charged two times. Bundle will come with the original box. $400 plus shipping. Paypal, US only. 1x Solo 2x Batteries 2x sets of propellors 2x charger 1x backpack 1x gimbal IMG_0533 by Bushcat posted...
  4. peppys

    3DR Solo /w gimbal discount promocode

    Hello guys, Anyone interested in $400 discount on 3DR Solo /w gimbal? I got a promo code from them when I attended a webinar few weeks ago but sadly I cannot use it right now. The code is only applicable to the Solo drone with preinstalled gimbal - $1400, and you can get it for $1000 You...
  5. G

    Selling my Solo

    Bought the Solo thinking I would have fun and time playing with it. Just dont have the time. Sell Solo with 3DR Solo backpack, Solo gimbal, one battery and 2 sets of OEM props. Also have a couple sets of Graupner 3-blade eProps for it as well. Asking $1450 . . . . . . lemme know and thanks