3dr development

  1. L

    can not access to 3dr dev website anymore?

    Anyone knows why dev.3dr.com is down now? I get "ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT" thanks;)
  2. I

    3DR solo stuck at Preflight Update. Cant find the SOLO.

    My 3DR Solo Drone is stuck at the preflight update screen on the controller and I cant update it through the app as it says "SOLO Not Found". I tried factory resetting it by pressing the button on back. It blinks the Orange LED as told..Updates the controller but doesnt reboot on its own and...
  3. Chip Luck

    Why I'm STAYING with 3DR - a little personal info, my first and last

    Gang, Just had to chime once and final on the whining issue. This is only a comment, this is a free nation and everyone has a right to voice, and this is just my opinion and the last on this board. As a first time owner and newbie of a UAV, GoPro, et. all and never have shot video from the...