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    newport bridge sunset

    Wow, that's a very interesting perspective for a drone video! I love it!
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    Drone is one hobby that gets boring fast.

    Naaaa, after a year and a month, poop usually crusts over and doesn't smell anymore. :D
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    GOPRO HERO 5 support

    If you're not using the gimbal, you'd just mount the Session using the standard GoPro mount to the mount on the Solo. If you're hoping to use the Solo gimbal, I'm afraid that's not going to happen. Not only does the Session lack a connector to interface with Solo's computer, but the weight and...
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    mRo GPS upgrade is definitely worth it!

    The Solo specific one is a plug-and-play replacement with the same connector and wiring as the stock Solo GPS. Unplug the stock unit, plug this one in and you're done. The other mRo versions with on-board compasses are compatible but not plug-and-play as the connector wiring is different to...
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    mRo GPS upgrade is definitely worth it!

    Just to clarify, the mRo gps specifically for the Solo does not have any magentometer/compass chips. It's a direct replacement for the stock GPS, uses the stock cable and is a total plug and play install. The similar mRo unit with compass, I believe, should be used with caution. If the...
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    What about increasing the PWM voltage on the stock Cube ?

    When I probe the 8 pin connector going to the ESC, I don't see any wire with either 5 or 3.3 volts. Pins 5 and 6 (from the red wire) have a consistent 2.3 or so volts, 7 and 8 bang back and forth between about 2 to 3 volts. From what I've read, pin 4 is the PWM signal. For a totally in-line...
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    mRo GPS upgrade is definitely worth it!

    Yea, trying to keep everything internal or out of sight requires some compromises. But I always found my Solos to be pretty rock solid in the sky. If I were to be completely honest, I never even had a single GPS issue with the original outside the long lock times. Is the Here compass a...
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    mRo GPS upgrade is definitely worth it!

    Agreed it's a must-do upgrade. Either that or the Here, although I personally like the mRo unit because it's a direct internal replacement, and with such low HDOPs and high satellite counts, I think it's a hard argument to make that putting a GPS up on a pod is worth the hassle.
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    Its a solo... wait.. its a DIY X8 wait ... its a Open SoloX8

    Dang!! That thing looks huge! What will it be carrying? Man, I've been itching to build something from one of my spare Solos but just have too many things already on my plate. But I love seeing what other people are doing!
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    Flight Suit...

    Ha! That suit is MADE for the times you think flying an RC drone is just not making you interesting enough to the opposite sex! :D
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    Solo saved from a murky, watery grave!

    Wow, my hat's off to you for going into an icy river in a we're suit, and a loose fitting one at that! I'm a coward when it comes to cold water, if it's under 75 degrees, I'm in my dry suit! Would love to know more details on what needed to be repaired/replaced on the main board. Always...
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    New York State flying

    That would be really cool. You could probably film most if not all of it from shore and not worry about permissions as it's only a few hundred feet out in the river. I definitely wouldn't' step foot on the island without permission and accompaniment. The castle is really falling apart, every...
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    Cardboard GPS spacer/rev B GPS

    The cardboard "mod" was intended to stop the bare copper back of the stock foil shield from shorting on components of the GPS. The problem is... the foil shield was not bare copper. There is a very tough clear adhesive film on the back, so shorting wasn't an issue outside the rare possibility...
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    New York State flying

    I'm in NY, not sure what's considered "upstate", to most people in NYC, upstate is anything north of 125th street! ;) Anyway, I'm in New Paltz/Ulster County. I used to fly in/around the Mohonk Preserve until they banned drones. That really cut down on my flying, as the mountain ridge is a...
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    Gimbal not getting any power

    Check the orientation of the gimbal data cable on the main board. There was at least one case where the cable was soldered on backwards, reversing all the wires. Here's a thread detailing this: SOLO Gimbal No Power The correct orientation is in the bottom pic - with the red wire to the...