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    New Solo Gimbal for Sale - $75 plus Shipping

    I also am interested in the gimbal if it is still 4 sale Zip 49448
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    New to Solo, maybe won't be able to fly them.

    The Hero 7 has a option to turn camera upside down. Look in the settings. I have one on my Solo and it’s awesome without a gimbal. Per-say.
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    SidePilot LED control

    Ok. Thanks offshore. Not sure what version of open solo I am currently running but I will check and see if that’s my issue. Thanks again
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    SidePilot LED control

    I tried to change the light pattern on my solo with the sidepilot app and the lights do not change. Anybody else have this problem? Am I doing something wrong?
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    Trade 3DR batts for 3DR gimbal

    I have a couple of quality gently used and well cared for batteries I would like to trade for a gimbal. Am open to and will hear any offer you may have. Thank you for an awesome forum
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    Gopro Hero 7 fittment

    I have a couple good 3DR batts I would trade for a gimbal my friend.
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    Gopro Hero 7 fittment

    I mounted a GoPro hero7 on my Solo. I used the GoPro solid mount and I was very impressed at the amount of “stabilization “ the hero7 provided. I was using high rates and still had very good results. Turn down the rates and the hero7 is a qualifier for stable video without a gimbal
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    WTB Solo Controller

    $40 USD + ship
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    WTB Solo Controller

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    WTB Solo Controller

    I have an extra brand new controller if u still need one. I have batteries and antennas and phone mounts. Pm me if u r interested
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    Wow. All I can say. Parts is parts and them parts are cheap. Keep checking in to see new stuff. Thank you for the link
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    Future Solo Battery?

    Well. With that being said. I get 20+ minutes with my Solo with skeleton gimbal and i-look camera
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    [SOLD]: 1x 3DR Solo Battery & 1x 3DR Artoo Battery [New]

    I am not getting anything on this end. I'm getting notifications from the group and here, but no PM's.
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    solo app

    That's an eye opener... I did not realize +'s that app has to offer. And your right, $30 is nothing to have the benefits. And, thank you. I knew I made a good choice with this forum. A really good bunch of guys willing to share knowledge and information. Thanks again and Happy Flying. And Merry...
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    [SOLD]: 1x 3DR Solo Battery & 1x 3DR Artoo Battery [New]

    I can PayPal thru fb